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Make beautifully visual playlists mixing Youtube videos, Soundcloud tracks and online mp3s

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As radio struggles with its place in a mobile world and as podcast creation leaps upwards, a new kind of playlist is needed. One that allows – with both audio & video – anyone to combine their passions in one place. Music, podcasts, listen again radio, interviews, favourite concerts – all collected together into a collection with some of that ‘specialness’ & visual flair albums (and books) used to excite us with.

So we’ve built the first iteration of a new kind of playlist – Adio Collections. Our Chrome Extension lets you grab Youtube videos, Soundcloud tracks and any online MP3’s exactly at the point you stumble across them. Adio wraps both audio & video together into a highly visual package, with a coherent interface designed for mobile & made for sharing. We’ve added Dropbox upload for teams, Flickr search for better covers and an Adobe online image editor for filters & enhancement.

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Chrome Extension captures Youtube, Soundcloud & Audioboom clips. Upload or enter the url of an mp3 clip.

Flickr Covers for a better first impression.

Dropbox Import for team working.

Adobe Image Editor to make covers even better.